Founded in 2014 Dali Art Factory is one of the key hubs for the creative arts in Western China. Based in a tastefully renovated disused factory it contains a multitude of galleries and exhibition spaces, a museum dedicated to historic images of the region, bookshops, coffee shops a music studio and a broad assortment of privately operated studios all relating to the arts community that is centered around the facility.

With an ever increasing calendar of exhibitions and events the Dali Art factory is positioning itself as one of Asia’s leading artistic venues with a commitment to establishing Dali at the forefront of cultural and artistic expression in the region. As a constantly expanding artistic community chooses to call Dali its home the Art Factory has responded by staging monthly bazaars showcasing traditional crafts and international cuisine as well as hosting classical and contemporary musicians in its auditorium.

The art factories ambitious expansions includes an Artist Residency starting in March at our newly built facility that includes both living and working spaces and to launch a bilingual online magazine with a strong focus on contemporary Chinese photography alongside articles on the global photography scene. We are planning to hold our inaugural Dali Photographic Museum competition in 2017 with an accompanying exhibition and publication to further establish the Art Factory as a major player on both the domestic and international stage.

The Dali Photographic Museum is already one of the leading archives for historical imagery from the region and is constantly searching for and adding fresh material to its collection with a permanent display forming part of our facilities.

大理床单厂艺术区创建于2014年,是中国西部的文化艺术中心。从一个废弃的厂房,华丽转身为一个现代化艺术综合体。在保留了90年代旧工厂的基础建筑的基础上 ,加入了一些艺术的设计 ,整体感觉复古又充满了现代气息 。区内有画廊、展览区、摄影博物馆、书店、咖啡厅、音乐工作室、瑜伽工作室,以及其他各种艺术类的私人工作室。日益增多的展览和活动在大理床单厂艺术区举行;每个月末的市集汇聚了大理传统的手艺和世界各地的美食;艺术区的礼堂里上演着或经典或现代的节目。通过持续搜集历史意义深厚的老照片、不断更新收藏、长期的展示,大理摄影博物馆成长为中国领先的影像资料库。